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collection of iron scrap

Waste assessment: Identify the different types of metal waste produced. This may include scrap metal, production residue, metal packaging, etc.
Collection: Set up a collection system for scrap iron. This may include specific containers for scrap metal, located at strategic locations in your business or working with specialist waste collection companies.
Sorting: After iron scrap is collected, perform an initial separation to remove non-metal contaminants such as plastic, wood, rubber, etc. Also separate different types of iron scrap, such as pure iron scrap and mixed scrap.

Iron recycling

-Scrap Handling: Once the scrap is sorted and prepared, it can be sent to specialized processing equipment, such as a shear or crusher, to reduce it to smaller pieces. This will facilitate the later merging process.
Fusion: The pieces of iron are then melted from recycled waste in a blast furnace or an electric furnace. Smelting turns scrap metal into liquid metal.
Convert it into raw materials such as iron billets Round bars or billets of iron are left to cool and harden in molds. This process results in strong and stable parts.


after that there are final products such as round iron and also known as biton round,
Finishing: Round iron bars or billets may be subjected to additional finishing operations, such as sizing, straightening or polishing, to achieve accurate dimensions and appearance.
Quality Control: Before being marketed, round iron bars or billets may be quality tested to ensure that they meet specified standards for strength, chemical composition and other technical characteristics.


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